2022-2023 Policy and Goals

2021-2022 Policy and Goals

President : Taro Yoshida

RI President Mr. Shekhar Mehta set the theme of this year ` Serve to Change Lives `.And, he also said ‘As we all serve, we change the lives of not only others; we change our lives, too.’ and ‘Friends, to live for others, to care for others, to serve others and change their lives is the best way to live our own lives.’
At first, I as a president of this club, try to keep this theme and thought in mind and implement this Rotary year.
Under this pandemic situation, it is getting hard to maintain cordial communication among members. We would like to act mainly as follows in order to get opportunities for cordial communication;

【Membership plan】

  1. Enjoy Takwa!
  2. Collaboration such as joint regular meetings with sister clubs far away
  3. Membership Development
  4. Sustainable and Effective club management

【Service activities】

  1. Kenya water support project
  2. Joint regular meeting of Yamanote-east Group
  3. Run for the cure(Found raising to educate breast cancer, improve QOL of survivor)

Through these Rotary activities, we will make all feel happy for this one Rotary year.